Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Chris Metzler (
24 Aug 1995 08:52:15 GMT

In article <>, (Robert Roosen) writes:
|> This theory is so tenaciously held and promoted by the physicists
|> that Hoyle and Burbidge are excluded from conferences on the subject.
|> Burbidge recently presented the John Schopp Memorial Lecture at San Diego
|> State U in which he presented the above view. He said further that he
|> and Hoyle have been reduced to cashing the lectures and heckling during
|> the question period.

This is ridiculous. I've personally been to a couple of conferences where
Geoff Burbidge was the chair of the session in which I or friends of mine
were presenting papers -- sessions on topics in extragalactic astronomy
or cosmology -- and I've only been doing this stuff for three years or so.

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