Life Duty Death

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
24 Aug 1995 00:25:32 GMT

>>"Marty G. Price" (mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu) "Marty" (After saying "keep your damn
>>shit off alt.pagan") Said: Son, it is truly amazing to hear someone calling
>>others shallow when the >speaker believes a recycled version of the simplistic
>>Herbert Spencer "social darwinisn" of around the turn of the century.

I am ignorant of Spencer's views other than I think he was into economic
darwinism - Greed, a Lower nature, and if so, that would be in direct opposition
to social Darwinism. The two cannot go together for the simple reason that pos-
session of material wealth interferes with and/or displaces Natural selection.
Understand one thing, I've NEVER read any one book and agreed with it. I like
much of "Might is Right" but totally disagree with the author's materialistic
attitude. The man I DO agree with is very much alive, at least he was last year.
His name is Pintta Linkola, and lives in Finland. He's a Naturalist, biologist,
author, AND highly sought speaker in his country. A short article appeared in
the WSJ and the W.A.R Journal (POB 65, Fallbrook,CA 92088) last year. Nothing in
that article did I not agree with. Anyone wanting a Real Shocker should read
Linkola's thoughts on the future of Earth. Wimps are forewarned. Anyone should
be able to get more info on this man IF they have realistic balls to do so,
meaning; if they are unafraid to look at the scarier side of what ALL humans
face in the not too distant future.

>>Real natural historians don't believe that crap. I know, you think Stephen
>>Jay Gould is "shallow" and the committee of second-rate intellects who
>>put together "The Bell Curve" are genuises.

To say the above, means you did not comprehend earlier post, or you were speed-
reading. I shuffled thru the "curve" because I believe Natural Instincts and
Perceptions are the foundations of intelligence in all so-called higher species,
and possibly "lower." Someone with a very high IQ may also have very low level
of Perceptive Ability, therefore he may be extremely "smart" in ONE area, and
very dumb in All others. This in itself is not bad, but too much importance is
placed on their judgement totally outside the realm of their understanding. This
of course does not apply to everyone with high IQ's. It appears that the ratio
of persons with high NIP *and* IQ levels is about the same as those with normal
IQ level. True idiots are not considered here. A big deal is made of Negroes
having on the average lower IQ than whites etc. So what? More Negroes seem to
have higher NIP than todays whites, Especially those falling for much of the
"mind" crap. Natural Instincts and Perceptions have been *cast asides* by the
"church" since day one, and by the educational establishment since day two, so
no wonder educated and religious whites seem to be more stupid. Why should Ne-
groes be compared to whites? Why should Asians be compared to other Kind? Why
should the Jackal be compared with the Wulf? This is True BS by artificial
thinkers - Mind Worshipers. Drop a genius off (with Low NIP) in an isolated
area, and the "dumbass" Pygmies will watch him die. Drop someone with average
IQ and High NIP, and he will probably survive. The opposite would be true also.
Simply put, IQ ain't shit, IF NIP ain't shit. Speaking of recycled "crap," the
crap you believe is nothing more than corruption of "enlightenment period"
*thought* THINK about it. Btw/ I am not trying to sway your thoughts. Many
people who are not Low NIP read this, and They will give it some thought. Others
don't matter. _Mother Nature and Earth Abides_