Re: Pyramidiocy, Facts to refute it (Shortened)

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Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:37:29 GMT

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Jeezus! Where's the daylight?

>> "It is useless to state the real truth of the matter, as it has no
>> effect on those who are subject to this type of hallucination.
>> They can but be left with the flat earth believers and other such
>> people to whom a theory is dearer than a fact."

>Some of us disagree. In fact it is useful to state the real truth of the matter
>particularly in an archaeology group.

Please note that alt.folklore.urban is not an archaeology group.
Posts of 500+ lines of which 80% is quoted text do nothing for me personally
and waste bandwidth on the grand scale when they are distributed thoughtlessly.

>There are Egyptian rulers and yardsticks divided into a cubit of
>28 fingers which consistently measure between 523 and 525 mm

Hang on, this might be closer to Charter. Which Egyptian ruler had 28 fingers?
Ramases the Clumsy? Shows what comes of bedding your sisters, I suppose.

>the British foot is not exactly the same as the American foot
>in our own time.

Found that out when I went to buy a pair of climbing boots in San Francisco.
International travellers be warned.

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Fuckit! I'm gonna set *fire* to this sucker and be done with it. If it spreads
down the hall and engulfs,
so be it. You have been advised.

> End of story.

We should be so lucky. Hey Ray! I need more diesel here.


Whatever gave you that curious idea? The fact that this thread has been
choking half a dozen unrelated newsgroups since the Third Dynasty?
Have you done a degree course in Stating The Fucking Obvious or something?

>>In Jesus name.... ;)
>>John Baskette

>By Jove; it figures you would be an impious heathen :)

In the name of Moro The Merciless I charge and abjure you:
Take this dreck out of alt.folklore.urban forthwith!
(Line noise corrected for.)

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