Re: Life Duty and Death 2/2

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22 Aug 1995 15:58:09 -0700

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Francois-Marie Arouet <> wrote:
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>> Unless the specie had been forced or manipulated into doing the
> First of all, learn English. The singular of "species" is "species".
> There's no such thing as a "specie".
A very small nit, but "specie" is a valid, though little used
word, it means money. I hope I earn lots of "specie" during my
lifetime ><GRin><

And Doug, have you had a sex change operation? or is this
your Wife's O'Neal Account.

My Significiant Other would never use my tatty account,
she has her own shiny new one. Come to think of It, My
Birds have an account also, for reading rec.pets.birds

--Uncle Wolf