Re: if existance exists why create a creator?

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22 Aug 1995 20:19:42 GMT

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>If we, humans were so intelligent that we explained our existance by
>creating a creator what kept us praying to him for different wishes all
>these years? It is the height of stupidity of mankind that we not only
>created a creator, but we also created nations and whole social
>structures to accomodate his wishes which are all ficticious anyway.
>When ! o' god when! shall we have enough sense not to need you ! While
>we may take long growing up would you please take care of me? Please
>save me from flames on the internet!
>Kirtidev Bhatt
There is no creator or destroyer. Everything exists within us said Budha.
There is nothing beyond this world. The god exists within us. We have to
seek this god inside of us. It is not easy!
The person who realizes this is enlightened!
He then doen't have to go to an outside force
for his problems as there is no outside force.