Re: Another Idiot

Allan Dunn (
22 Aug 1995 06:15:55 GMT


: Another *classic* example of an "educated" idiot. Idiots like this are (for now)
: the spokes that hold this artificial (and dying) system together. As the spokes
: in the system began breaking, these people will melt, and maggots will feast
: on their putrid waste. MEN will survive. WIMPS will die. UNnatural cultures
: (multi-culturalism) will die along with the "thought" that encouraged it. Earth
: will then be in the hands of the Barbarian again, he who carries the BloodAx.
: The children of today will carry the long knives tomorrow.
: _Mother Nature and Earth Abides_
What the hell are you blathering about!! You sound like post-modern
American ecclesiastes hermit! At least in a scientific newsgroup, an
educated idiot is far preferable to a foaming-at-the-mouth, "survivalist"
ignorant idiot. Bad barbarian, go back to your bunker and sulk.