Re: Profanity versus Professionalism

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Sun, 20 Aug 1995 07:11:24 GMT

You are thinking of the Texan culture.
"How do you break an Aggie's finger?"

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Robert Dobbs ( wrote:
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: >Interesting discussion. My I jump in? Although most American slang/
: >cursing does not offend me, I've found it fun finding ways to say
: >what a curse word would say without actually cursing. i.e
: >instead of saying "the shit is going to hit the fan" one might
: >say "the offal mater is going to forcefully meet the oscalating
: >device." For those who understand (please disregard the spelling
: >another issue all together) it gets a laugh. The point is made.
: >No one is offended.
: >
: >I was told that cursing was simply a weak mind attempting to
: >express itself forcefully. For America, this may be true. Other
: >cultures are different. I heard of one culture, but can't
: >remember which one, where cursing was almost an art form. Can
: >someone refresh my memory?
: >
: >
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: The Arabs almost turn cursing into poetry.