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dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
20 Aug 1995 03:44:27 GMT

<>Subject: Re: LIFE DUTY AND DEATH ][ On this subject, james@amber.biology.gatec-
<> (James McIninch) Said:> This garbage has nothing to do with biology.
<>Kindly keep it off the bionet.* newsgroups.<
GARBAGE??....This is a response one would expect to come from someone born with
LOW Level Natural Instincts and Perceptions. By your own initiative, you have
now become an object of public study. You are a classic example of an educated
idiot, i.e., an educated person possessing only *low level* Natural Instincts and
Perceptions (NIP). [Their] high capacity organic "hardDrives" are capable of
storing vast amounts of information (words), his *knowledge* either uttered or
written by others, and accepted by him as "golden truths" due to his inability
to question things independently, or perceive through observation, anything more
than superficial details which may or may not be correct. Using the Afpha, Beta,
and Omega NIP scale, he is bottom-barrel omega. He can mask his natural short-
comings through education, but these short-comings will become obvious under any
sort of pressure. To say the post had nothing to do with biology is *ludicrous*
If you are a "teacher" your students will no doubt enjoy your attempted
The rest of mcininch's comments on subject follow.
<>A couple of comments. Environmentalism usually correlates with liberalism
<>which usually correlates with a the sense of community referred to as
<>gemeinshapft (a sociological state which focuses on the community rather than
<>traits of individuals) which, in turn, correlates well with racial harmony.
<>If you statisitcally eliminate the liberalism factor, there is no
<>correlation between environmentalism and racism.
<>Lastly, race does not equal species in any biological sense. Race is a
<>political classification based on geographic origin, political affiliation,
<>religious affiliation, or allelic distribution. Species are reproductionally
<>isolated organisms, generally belonging to differing ecological niches.
<>Environmentalism is the belief that man-kind is eliminating ecological niches
<>which it does not, in fact, need for its survival as a species. This trait
<>is unique to Homo sapiens of the past 300 years (previously, humans were still
<>at a subsistence stage).
<>Your post shows a great deal of ignorance of elementary biology, particularly
<>For future reference, the three fundamental laws of nature which all things
<>must obey are the three fundamental laws of thermodynmaics: the conservation
<>of mass and energy, entropy, and inclusivity. These rules are often
<>simplified to be stated as: 1. You can't win 2. You can't break even
<>3. You can't get out of the game Or, alternatively: 1. There's no such thing
<>as free lunch 2. Things go bad. 3. Ultimately, everything gets worse
<>Contrary to the theme of your post, you'll learn from population genetics that
<>isolation of humans into racial groups causes genetic abberations detrimental
<>to the species as a whole, whereas unhindered gene-flow is the source of
<>genetic variation that increases the fitness of the species as a whole.

>From many people words flow quickly and smoothly, with a ring of authority which
leaves non-thinkers impressed upon hearing such knowledgable people. They never
wonder if the expressed "knowledge" is correct or not. Mother Nature will endure
the stupidity of man only to a point. _Earth Abides_