Re: Life Duty and Death 2/2

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19 Aug 1995 12:58:09 -0700

Francois-Marie Arouet ( wrote:
: In article <411cop$mqf$> dannie hawkins <71726.3204@CompuServe.COM> writes:

: > If these Natural "racist" of the Wild suddenly lost that specieist
: > drive, as many environmentalist and others have done, Earth's
: > biosphere would come to a close. It could be called a natural death
: > Unless the specie had been forced or manipulated into doing the
: First of all, learn English. The singular of "species" is "species".
: There's no such thing as a "specie".

Actually, there *is* such a term as "specie". And it is possible to
have only one of it, although the most common singular term for "specie"
is "bar of gold". (Which refers to a more-or-less brick-shaped chunk
of a certain metal.) "Specie" itself is grammatically a singular term,
regardless of the number of objects being referred to.

: > unnatural. Many claim Concern and/or outrage over modern mans
: > destructive attitude toward the Natural world, yet postulate the
: > most stupid and shallow-minded of All unnatural thoughts that lead
: > to Death of a specie or sub/specie, by taking the Anti-Specieist
: > position. This is a "Jekyll and Hyde" attitude. THINK about it. In
: > today's world of artificial thought, the less corrupt mind is the
: > less "educated" mind. However,those with higher levels of Natural
: > instincts and perceptions will only be temporarily misdirected from
: > the effects of their daily diet of unnatural thought fed to them by
: > "system" advocates in religion, education, media, and eco/Darwinist

: In other words, you seem to be saying that we should cease to use the
: one greatest survival tool that Nature (or God, if you prefer that view)
: gave to us: the adaptibility and flexibility brought by our intelligence.

Precisely. You are to act as if you have specie instead of brains.