Re: Life Duty and Death 2/2

Francois-Marie Arouet (
19 Aug 1995 17:27:08 GMT

In article <411cop$mqf$> dannie hawkins <71726.3204@CompuServe.COM> writes:

> If these Natural "racist" of the Wild suddenly lost that specieist
> drive, as many environmentalist and others have done, Earth's
> biosphere would come to a close. It could be called a natural death
> Unless the specie had been forced or manipulated into doing the

First of all, learn English. The singular of "species" is "species".
There's no such thing as a "specie".

> unnatural. Many claim Concern and/or outrage over modern mans
> destructive attitude toward the Natural world, yet postulate the
> most stupid and shallow-minded of All unnatural thoughts that lead
> to Death of a specie or sub/specie, by taking the Anti-Specieist
> position. This is a "Jekyll and Hyde" attitude. THINK about it. In
> today's world of artificial thought, the less corrupt mind is the
> less "educated" mind. However,those with higher levels of Natural
> instincts and perceptions will only be temporarily misdirected from
> the effects of their daily diet of unnatural thought fed to them by
> "system" advocates in religion, education, media, and eco/Darwinist

In other words, you seem to be saying that we should cease to use the
one greatest survival tool that Nature (or God, if you prefer that view)
gave to us: the adaptibility and flexibility brought by our intelligence.

> business institutions. Foolish,stupid or idiotic postulations
> ordinarily come form people with VERY low level Natural instincts
> and perceptions, which is unfortunately a biological impediment
> beyond their control, and this allows them access to very shallow
> thinking only. This low-level "access" is also the reason they are
> very short-shighted and narrow-minded. It is also unfortunate the
> system encourages them to believe by becoming "educated" they will
> be "smart" and have the ability to make independent and complex
> decisions on matters outside the realm of mathematical fact. But
> then, that is exactly the kind of people the system wants - a
> bloodless clone. EARTH ABIDES

Also don't forget that in a great many cases in nature, the best strategy for
survival is cooperation. Humanity has reached a point, with itself and its
environment, where we need to follow this strategy to insure our
evolutionary continued success.