Re: Profanity versus Professionalism

Joni R Beaulieu (JRB8947@UTARLG.UTA.EDU)
19 Aug 1995 15:47:51 GMT

Interesting discussion. My I jump in? Although most American slang/
cursing does not offend me, I've found it fun finding ways to say
what a curse word would say without actually cursing. i.e
instead of saying "the shit is going to hit the fan" one might
say "the offal mater is going to forcefully meet the oscalating
device." For those who understand (please disregard the spelling
another issue all together) it gets a laugh. The point is made.
No one is offended.

I was told that cursing was simply a weak mind attempting to
express itself forcefully. For America, this may be true. Other
cultures are different. I heard of one culture, but can't
remember which one, where cursing was almost an art form. Can
someone refresh my memory?

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