Job in Keio University, Japan (Art)

Kyoko Inoue (
19 Aug 95 06:00:51 GMT


The Faculty of Science and Technology (RIKOUGAKUBU) of Keio University,
Hiyoshi, wishes to announce the opening of a position in art, duties to
begin on April 1, 1996. The successful candidate will be appointed to
the rank of assistant professor or associate professor, depending on

Subjects to be taught within the field include aesthetics, art history,
architecture (and architectural history), design (and design history),
and image theory.

Teaching responsibilities:
1. general education, in accordance with the curriculum common to the
various schools within the university
2. interdisciplinary courses, including seminars in contemporary art
theory, sculpture and design theory, visual and acoustic culture
theory, the relationship between the arts and the sciences,
architectural theory, physical culture, and contemporary media
theory, and media culture theory

Candidates should be native or near native speakers of Japanese, hold a
masters degree or its equivalent, and have at least three years of
experience in research, teaching, or other relevant work experience.

A broad range of specialties will be considered. Candidates should be
well trained in the traditions of their field and, at the same time,
demonstrate a broad, flexible, and practical command of methodology.
As the position is in the Faculty of Science and Technology, candidates
should also be knowledgeable concerning technology and media.

Documents to be submitted:

1. A curriculum vitae in the Japanese format, along with a photograph
2. A list of publications
3. Three publications, one original or copy of each
4. An outline of future research plans, approximately two A-4 pages
5. Personal views and hopes regarding university education

The deadline for submission is September 9, 1995. Candidates who pass
the initial screening will be invited to an interview. They will be
subsequently informed of the date.

All relevant documents should be sent to the following address:

Kyoumuka (Rikougakubu-gakari)
Keio University
4-1-1 Hiyoshi
Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama 223
("Bijutsu-tantou-kyouin-oubo-shorui-zaichuu" in red)

Only postal or e-mail inquiries addressed to Dr. Kumakura
(E-mail: will be accepted.
It should be understood that documents cannot be returned.