Re: Profanity versus Professionalism: A little math

Robert Roosen (
Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:37:36 GMT

You are right. If we formed a club of everyone Lydick has called
"stupid", we would have to have the annual meeting in a football
stadium. Too bad he has nothing of his own to contribute. Then we would
have some basis for estimating his intelligence. Guess I will settle for
labeling him ignorant :-)
Actually, since he is posting all his stuff from the workplace,
he is probably just killing time instead of earning his pay. I wonder
how many of these rude, abusive sysops would be on the net at all if
they paid for their accounts and spent their own time on the effort.
Reruns are boring.

( wrote:
: Carl J Lydick stopped playing with his brain long enough to write:
: >
: >(Robert Roosen) writes:
: >= Of course, the two do not mix. Profanity in a post is an
: >=automatic turn off of communication, and is a sure sign of
: >unprofessional behavior. It is rather obvious that profane posters
: >really have nothing of value to say.
: >
: >It's rather obvious that Roosen's too damned stupid to distinguish
: >between form and content...Carl J Lydick

: Now, Carl specializes in spotting stupid people. Sometimes he calls
: them stupid once; in a fit of righteous fury, he called one fella
: stupid THREE TIMES in two sentences.

: I don't think Roosen is stupid. I think he's nuts. Of course, I'm
: nuts, too, because I like reading his stuff, and then arguing with him.
: He's got crazy ideas, but he thinks hard, and he comes back even after
: a hard flame. Cool.

: Just so Carl won't call ME stupid, I'll write an equation:

: r
: p - = n
: a

: where p is the post, r is the number of responses, a is the number of
: authors, and n is the number of nuts involved.

: Somebody check my math.

: Wayne Johnson