Re: If god exists, what created god?

Robert Roosen (
Fri, 18 Aug 1995 23:13:45 GMT

If there is indeed more than one God, I would like to find one that
uses Monday as the Sabbath :-)
Sunil Iyer ( wrote:
: (Seby Kottayil) wrote:

: [Lots deleted]

: > With this chain of thinking, I have concluded that "If we exist,
: >our existance simply proves the existance of others like/unlike us".
: >Just because we are unable to understand/comprehend a higher
: >intelligence/being, we CANNOT conclude that there is NO God.

: You seem to equate any higher intelligence/being with God. Many of us
: would agree that there are quite likely other beings in the Universe
: who are more intelligent than us, but it does not mean there is any
: God.

: You also imply that there is only one God. Why shouldn't there be a
: different God-figure for each populated world?

: >All in good spirit :-)

: hic.. ;)

: >

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