Re: I need information on "the nature of social change" Can you help?

Daniel Rosenblatt (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 05:00:58 GMT

Ron Gully ( wrote:
: In particular, as it relates to third world nations.

: If anyone has or knows the where abouts of a good essay on or
: information on the nature of social change, could you send me the
: artical or tell me it is?

Its kind of a large topic. And hard to respond to without some more
detail--in what context do you need to know about social change?

Some stabs at it:

*Islands of History* --Marshall Sahlins
*Clio in Oceania* --Alicia Biersack, Ed
*Culture through Time* Emiko Ohnuki -Tierney, Ed
*Ethnography and the Historical Imagination* --John & Jean Comaroff

Marx & Weber have also touched on the issue.