Gillian Shepherd

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17 Aug 1995 03:36:24 GMT

According to my records, Gillian Marie Shepherd was born in 1943 in
London, England. She received a PhD from LSE with the following

Shepherd, Gillian M.
1982 The Comorians in Kenya: The establishment and loss of an
economic niche. PhD Dissertation, London School of

She has done research in Kenya, the Comoros, Sudan, Botswana,
Somalia, and Karnataka, India, and published the following

Shepherd, Gillian M.
1977 Two marriage forms in the Comoro Islands: An investigation.
_Africa_ 47(4): 344-359.
1980 The Comorians and the East African slave trade. _In_: Asian
and African systems of slavery. James L. Watson, ed.
Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 73-99.
1987 Rank, gender, and homosexuality: Mombasa as a key to
understanding sexual options. _In_: The cultural
construction of sexuality. Patricia Caplan, ed. London:
Tavistock Press, pp. 240-270.

plus an article in the journal _Paideuma: Mitteilungen zur
Kulturkunde_ for which I don't have the reference

In the 1980s she was affiliated with the University of Sussex and
the Overseas Development Institute. During the late 1980s and early
1990s, she has authored or edited a number (about 11) of books and
pamphlets on social forestry, published by the Overseas Development
Institute. They are listed in MELVYL, the University of California
library catalog (which is easily accessible through the Internet),
if you are interested. I hope this information is helpful.

Daniel Maltz (Anthropological Bibliographer)
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