Re: Profanity versus Professionalism: A little math

17 Aug 1995 07:10:45 GMT

Carl J Lydick stopped playing with his brain long enough to write:
>(Robert Roosen) writes:
>= Of course, the two do not mix. Profanity in a post is an
>=automatic turn off of communication, and is a sure sign of
>unprofessional behavior. It is rather obvious that profane posters
>really have nothing of value to say.
>It's rather obvious that Roosen's too damned stupid to distinguish
>between form and content...Carl J Lydick

Now, Carl specializes in spotting stupid people. Sometimes he calls
them stupid once; in a fit of righteous fury, he called one fella
stupid THREE TIMES in two sentences.

I don't think Roosen is stupid. I think he's nuts. Of course, I'm
nuts, too, because I like reading his stuff, and then arguing with him.
He's got crazy ideas, but he thinks hard, and he comes back even after
a hard flame. Cool.

Just so Carl won't call ME stupid, I'll write an equation:

p - = n

where p is the post, r is the number of responses, a is the number of
authors, and n is the number of nuts involved.

Somebody check my math.

Wayne Johnson