Re: The vilest human (was the most stupid women)

Dani_K (
16 Aug 1995 16:39:33 GMT

This entire thread is mildly irritating, and I was pretty much
ignoring it, especially since my ethnic experiences have nothing
in common with the original poster, but you've pushed me over the

In article <40rqto$>, says...
>What, I ask you, is at all unnatural about considering a woman a
>thing to be desired?
What is unnatural about is, Sir, is that women are not things.
>I hate to tell you, but if it weren't for that good old raunchy
>human libido, none of us would be here. A sterile interpretation
>of the human body as an abstract thing, with no sexual allure, is
>not a survival trait.
This may be true to some extent, but its a misinterpretation of
what the original poster was saying. She was complaining about
being viewed as a sexual object instead of a human being. When
you jump to the conclusion that she is a prude, you have dropped
to the level of a 5 year old in a pointless name-calling argument.
>Those with attitudes like yours will soon be bred out, unless some
>"brutish male" comes along and wakes up your gonads.
And here you lost all chance of being viewed as my equal, Sir.
Rape does not ever 'wake up a woman's gonads', no matter how often
some men try to make us believe that it does. Attitudes such as
yours perpetuate the stereotype that all men are brutish. With
this revolting post, you've given the 'radical feminists' more
ammunition. You absolutely disgust me.

Dani K.
Humanist, not feminist.