Re: evolution v. creation

Kevin D. Quitt (
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 19:03:26 GMT (Richard A. Schumacher) wrote:
>In <> (Robert Roosen) writes:
>> Actually, transplantation is another explanation that is commonly
>>overlooked. There are few ecotopes that do not contain an element of
>>life that came from "outside". Why should the ecotope called planet
>>earth be any different?
>Not impossible, in principle. But where is the evidence that it
>has ever actually occured? All Earth life uses the same amino
>acid DNA coding. It's absurd to propose that life elsewhere
>would use the identical coding, even assuming it used DNA.

Unless, of course, earth was seeded (no conscious intervention implied).
Then we're the same as what's out there because we ARE what's out there.