Gillian Shepherd - Comores

Iain Walker (
16 Aug 1995 06:33:05 GMT

I'm trying to track down a work on Comoriens in Kenya by Gillian M Shepherd
entitled "Les Comoriens au Kenya: l'etablissement et la perte d'un
emplacement economique" I have no date, no indication of whether it
was an article or a longer work and any information would be gratefully
received. Since Shepherd was/is anglophone and carried out fairly
extensive fieldwork among Comoriens in Kenya, I assume she produced
some sort of report (thesis?) I can find no reference to any substantial
works by Shepherd in English and would be grateful for any pointers in
this direction, too. I believe she was based in the UK, since her articles
(two, from 1977 and 1982) convert prices into pounds sterling.

Iain Walker

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