Re: Ancestry

Peter H. M. Brooks (
Tue, 15 Aug 95 07:20:36 GMT

In article <herwin-1208952103400001@> "Harry Erwin" writes:

> Now, I'm leaving on an trip in two days. I looked around for the journal,
> but my son said he'd tossed it, and I don't have time to chase it down
> before I leave. Can a reader of this newsgroup provide either a citation,
> or better yet a primary source?
The best primary source is to look at a photograph (any one) of the SA
cabinet under the Nationalist Party. This self selected group of the
cream of afrikanerdom have a quite different physiognomy from that found
in, say, the UK cabinet.

Of course the whole reason that the afrikaner state was so interested in
race was their fear and disgust at their own impurity, as they saw it.

Peter H. M. Brooks