Alissande (
15 Aug 1995 17:39:20 -0400

Number 1: I don't really believe I am responding to this posting because
of the horrible subject line, and Number 2: the degree of insanity that
it has taken, but here goes...

National Geographic is supposed to be a historical account of people
everywhere: from differing time periods, different social backgrounds,
different customs, etc. Forget that they are some sort of African women
somewhere; this is supposed to be a recording of history. If you can look
at history or art, and the most prominent thing that you notice about it
is that the woman is unclothed, then you have nothing wrong with you that
thousands of brutish men throughout the ages and across the country have
wrong with them. The perpetuation of Woman As Sex Object is one that will
continue to be perpetuated by puerile minds, regardless of how "fondly"
one refers to a woman's swinging breasts.

"... his hand hovered over the petals of her body like a bee drawn to a
flower, waiting to enter them and taste the nectar ..."
--- A
Touch of Love