Re: Aquatic theory of evolution

Herb Huston (
14 Aug 1995 21:11:25 -0400

In article <40huae$>, Peter I Kim <> wrote:
} I have just read a couple book by the imminent zoologist Desmond Morris and
} was rather taken to his thoery of human aquatic evolution,

It's not his theory. If you'll check the bibliography in _The Naked Ape_,
you'll find a reference to A.C. Hardy, "Was Man More Aquatic in the Past?"
_New Scientist_ 7:642-5 (1960). In _Manwatching_ Morris explicitly refers
to it as Hardy's.

} Is any one
} familiar with what I am speaking of? I would very much like discussing it.

While Sir Alister Hardy is no longer among the living, his chief disciple,
Elaine Morgan, is still with us and posts to sci.anthropology.paleo. I
recommend reading the newsgroup for at least a week before plunging in,

-- Herb Huston