Re: Education versus Propaganda

Rusty Rae (
15 Aug 1995 00:10:12 GMT

Ken Arromdee? Let me see....

No, I don't remember you from my Con-Law (Constitutional law) class.
Hmmm...guess you didn't go through that one in law school like I did,
huh! Oh well.

Sheila (Ken Arromdee) wrote:
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> Rusty Rae <> wrote:
> > Too bad GB doesn't know his Constitution. God was not put
> >into the Constitution until the 1950s -- about the time of the
> >Communist witch hunts. Furthermore, this country was not based on
> >religious freedom; it was based on freedom from religious persecution.
> You are either confused, or trolling. God was put on US paper currency and
> in the Pledge of Allegiance in the 1950's, not in the Constitution.
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