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Mon, 14 Aug 95 16:39:33 GMT

In article <40ina8$>, (JSmith1283) wrote:
>I must say that I was very suprised to see this posting by a European in
>this section. I was impressed by the speedy reaction which led to the
>authors demise in the Net.
>My next reaction is the question of whether or not there would have been
>as speedy a reaction if the subject had been African-American women.
>A few years ago, I listened, with a hall filled with other people, to a
>fellow probation officer read a poem about his youth. In the poem he
>referred to National Geographic and how much he enjoyed looking at the
>pictures of native women with their breasts swinging free.
>I was insulted as a African-American woman because I understand that
>National Geographic was the predecessor of Playboy type mags and the
>majority of women depicted in N.G. looked like me.
>Following this insult, I watched as every applauded. I was angry with the
>African-American men because they seemed to appreciate the piece as well.
>Now if the subject of that piece had been white women, the white women
>would have jumped the guy, AA men would have been next, then white men. I
>doubt that AA women would get into the fight because we suffer so much
>from insults that no one attempts to protect us from.
>Jo (An African-American Woman)

I get so tired of people taking offense where obviously none was meant. Does
cross-cultural sensitivity mean only that whites must understand our ways...or
that <all> of us should endeavor to understand our neighbors?
Cool it with the sweeping generalizations. If you feel offended, be big
enough to ask a member of the offending party if he/she meant that as it came

My mother is Mexicana, my father is Irish.
But I was born here, so that makes me an American