Re: Mini book review on cultural ecology (was: what exactly do anthropologists do?)

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1 Aug 1995 00:09:03 -0400

claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Cameron Laird) writes:

>Thomas Kavanagh <> wrote:
>>Just a quick note to clarify some language.
> .
> [extremely valuable
> remarks on Odum inter-
> pretation of systemic
> energy flows]

Where could I find these remarks? Tnx.

>I echo all that Dr. Kavanagh has written, but recommend also
>that people check out

> Wesley, James Paul.
> 1974 Ecophysics: the application of physics
> to ecology. Thomas, Springfield, Illi-
> nois

I quite agree, Wesley made some very nice, simple and illuminating

> I remember it as utterly
>neglected when published, and perhaps it's even been regarded
>as "fringe", or "crank", science,

I think the reason it was relegated to "crank" science was because Wesley
wandered off the deep end in his last chapter where he focussed on
evolution BY machines. I think the writers of Star Trek, the Movie took
their idea for "Viger" from Wesley. :-)

> Odum, Howard T., and Elisabeth C.
> 1981 Energy basis for man and nature
> (second edition). McGraw-Hill,
> New York City

>and decide for yourself the applicability of the analysis
>of energy flows in social systems.

A good recommendation, however, if anyone is interested in a less
reductionistic approach, I shamelessly recommend

Ulanowicz, Robert E.
1986 Growth and Development:
Ecosystems Phenomenology.
Springer-Verlag, NY 203p.

>By the way, does anyone know Luigi Sertorio? Does his work
>apply to this topic?

I just came across his name in my last literature search. I, too, would
like to know more about his interests.

Bob Ulanowicz