Re: Basque, where did they come from?

Jacques Guy (
14 Aug 1995 10:56:56 +1000

(David A.H. Perry) () writes:

>Bryan Cowan ( wrote:
>: As I understand it, the Basque language is in a different language family
>: (I once read it was a *Na-Dene* language or something like that).
> ^^^^^^^^^^

>To me the Dene people are the "Navajo." Very curious...Explain? I'm lost!

You are right and he is right. Basque is an isolate, so crackpots, left,
right, and centre, have been trying to tie it with this or that language,
the less known about it, the more obscure, the better, for trying to
tie Basque to a well-known language, say, ... English (!)... would almost
immediately look to everybody like the farce it is. So, crackpots have
been trying to tie it to Navaho, amongst many other languages. Hence,
when Bryan Cowan writes that he once read that Basque was a Na-Dene
language, he is no mistaken. That *did* get written. And published by
a university press that should know better.