Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Ian Robert Walker (
Sat, 12 Aug 95 09:32:06 GMT

In article <> "Helge Moulding" writes:

> Clayton Conway wrote,
> : : calendar be changed to 12 months of either 28 or 35 days each (each
> : : quarter would have a 28-day, then 35-day, then 28-day month). New
> : That's the best suggestion I've seen that has a hope of any
> : chance at all, But Friday the 13th wouldn't go at all.
> Why, where in the world are you from that a week starts with a Sunday?
> Only the most clueless start the week on any day other than Monday.
> Which means the thirteenth of each month is never Friday.

The first day of the week was named for the most prominaint oject in
the sky, the second for the second. With a mix of Nordic and Roman.

Sun, Moon,.. Woden,.. Fria.....

I probablly should not be sending this to so many groups, but it does
seem to have some relivance, and the previous poster used them.

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