Re: If god exists, what created god?

D-Best (
13 Aug 1995 01:42:28 GMT

In article <>, (Robert Roosen) says:
> This is your personal opinion. I happen to be a professional
>astronomer who has also worked in anthropology, and hence do not have the
>blind, limited view that you are expressing. I very much appreciate the
>inputs from people of other cultures.
> In case you have not noticed, the heavens do not belong to
>Judaeo-Christian civilization. They belong to everyone.
> This sort of biased, bigoted comment is completely out of place
>in an unmoderated group. Why do you not hand over operation of sci.astro
>to a more respectful person and go spend your time on sci.astro.research,
>which IS moderated, and is full of the "party line" sort of posts that
>you seem to prefer?
> You have not objected to the rude, abusive posts that some of the
>amateurs are putting into this group, nor have you objected to the quotes
>about God from people like Einstein and Hawking.
> You, sir, are a bigot.
>Robert G. Roosen, PhD (Astronomy)
>SCI.ASTRO ( wrote:
>: This thread has been active in sci.astro, but it (no longer) has
>: anything to do with astronomy or astrophysics. Please do not
>: continue it in sci.astro (edit the Newsgroups: and Followup-To:
>: headers appropriately). You should not blindly post to random
>: groups just because someone else did. Read the sci.astro FAQ
>: (posting guidelines) before you post anything there. Thank you.

Rene' Descartes said I Cogito Ergo Sum (I tHink therefore I am)
But can you say the reverse of that?
A chair IS but does it think?