Scientific Proof of Astrology

Robert Roosen (
Sat, 12 Aug 1995 21:48:45 GMT

When I was an Adjunct Professor of Astronomy at San Diego State
University, I met a brilliant esoteric astrologer named James Davis.
Along with his colleague, John Raifsnider, we carried out a detailed
scientific study of the correlation between facial appearance and the
Seven Rays of Esoteric Astrology.
This work was presented at the First Annual Symposium on
Transpersonal Anthropology here in San Diego in 1980, and was very well
received in that forum. Mr. Davis then published the work as a
pamphlet. It has also been published in the Journal of Esoteric
Psychology, volume 3, number 2 (1987), pages 11-34.
The title is, "The Seven Faces of Man: Visual Recognition of
Astrological Types--A Scientific-Intuitive Approach".
In case you cannot find that journal in your local library, Mr.
Davis has agreed to send photo copies to interested parties for seven
dollars, post paid.
His address is:
An Oasis Bookstore
3911 3rd Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

His e-mail address is JamesD@CG57.ESNET.COM

When I showed the results to the Astronomy Department Chairman,
his immediate response was, "If the people who give us our money find out
you are working on this, they will cut off our funding." His parting
comment was, "Robert, those are huge signals."
As far as I know, this work is by far the most impressive
scientific proof that detectable astrological energies are at work here
on planet Earth. I recommend it to any serious student of the subject.
Yes, I know it is possible to demonstrate empirically that it is
impossible to walk. I also have met many people who do not believe the
hula hoop "works", since they cannot make it work.
Any successful study of human nature requires a certain amount of
self-awareness. The fact that some people lack such self-awareness does
not mean that the subject is incorrect. It means that they are not
sufficiently interested or advanced to be able to comprehend the subject.
Personally, I do not believe that quantum mechanics "works". A close
look at the Copenhagen Doctrine indicates that the founders of quantum
mechanics did not consider it to be a science at all--merely a branch
of engineering. However, just because I happen to be philosophically
unable to accept the tenets of quantum mechanics does not mean that it
does not "work" for others. Debunkers of humanistic studies are, in my
opinion, in a similar boat.