re:Insest Yuck

Paul Vess (
12 Aug 1995 22:40:05 GMT

Actually, the spelling for insest should be incest.
And there were several other "false" beliefs
concerning hemophilia. You mentioned that diseases
like "hemophilia" are caused by inbreading. WRONG!

Approximately 30% of all cases of hemophilia are
caused by spontaneous gene mutation. In other
words, it could happen in your family.

If you will look up the references to the word
"circumcision", you will find that one of the
common practices was to NOT circumcise and other
male children if a preceding male child bled
to death. Many bible scholars believe this is
the first reference to hemophilia.

If all hemophiliacs are decended from Queen
Victoria, how do you explain hemophiliacs
born in Africa, Japan, China, etc?

Do yourself a BIG favor and call 1-800-42-HANDI
and ask for a phamphlet providing you with some
basic information about hemophilia. Or, go to
your public library and look the subject up.
Nothing grates on my nerves more than a clueless
person trying to convince individuals with the
same lack of knowledge that they know what they
are talking about.