Re: If god exists, what created god?

Lightbearer (
11 Aug 1995 06:16:19 GMT

Everybody is Right ! If you believe in God, God manifests. If you do
not believe then God disappears. Each of us goes off into the direction
of our most deeply held beliefs. God is characterized as male ("He")
because it is an active creative/destructive process that cannot be
grasped by our rational faculty.
Ultimately, we are looking for what we are looking with !
Krishna cut off the heads of the lower caste members who asked Him how
they could find God ! They were deeply upset and didn't "get" the big
message. To find God you must transcend your mind and senses, we must
get "out of ourselves". Then a really big surprise awaits you !
POP QUIZ ! What happens when God stops believing in Him/Her self ?
We are all somewhat the Sorceror's Apprentices wielding power in ways
that devour us !
That's my 2 cents. Blessings to everyone !