Re: If god exists, what created god?

Robert Roosen (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 21:04:29 GMT

As a professional Astronomer who has also worked as a Research
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology, I find this
thread most interesting. Many of the "theories" of astronomy are
based on a quite limited and incorrect cosmological basis. These
threads are helping those of us who want to expand our horizons
find our way out of the rather drab box that Judaeo-Christian
culture has tried to place the entire world into.
Einstein talked about God all the time. Hawking talks about God
all the time. So why are you trying to stifle people who are
providing information that is ESSENTIAL if the limited western view
is going to be respected in other cultures?
It appears to me that you are way out of place on this issue. If
new information and the science practiced by cultures other than
your own are so intimidating to you, I suggest you hand over the
responsibility for this group to a more capable individual.
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