Re: Where's Heaven? (Was, If god exists, what created god?)

Lightbearer (
11 Aug 1995 05:50:44 GMT (WAYNE JOHNSON) wrote:
>In the old days, when the Earth was still flat and 40 days of rain
>could cover it with water, Heaven was straight up. You could point to
>it. It's written in the Stones.
>Then here comes Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, and their ilk. Now, up is
>a matter for argument (90 degrees off the Earth's axis, the galactic
>plane of the ecliptic, etc.).
>Which way is up?
>What's God's address? Where is Heaven? Lots of people go there. How
>long is the ride? Is it on a cloud, like in the pictures? Why don't
>we send a KH-11 over to get pictures of the Pearly Gates? Or is it
>further out?
>Also, our loved ones, and God, watch us constantly. Is it in real
>time, or is there lag for lightspeed delay?
>Where is Hell? I understand that it's below us somewhere. Could we get
>some Marines in asbestos suits to clear the place out? Anybody object
>to using nukes on the Devil? Personally, I'd approve.
>Wayne Johnson

Greetings !
The terms "heaven and hell" do not describe geographical locations. They
describe states of consciousness which are created principally by our
thoughts, feelings and actions. Heaven is "up" because it indicates
a level of conscious experience that is very plesant. We can "ascend"
out of uncomfortable circumstances by directing our minds and hearts to
embrace a more elevated "program". Christ prescribed that we can attain
this higher level by focusing upon being loving towards one another.
Hell, on the other hand, is to gradually enter into painful and
restricting circumstances because of negative thoughts and unkind
The "prize" to be gained by directing our minds and hearts in an elevated
direction is that we gradually realize that we are eternal ! And that
the "devil" that we were possessed by was our own negative self !
The symbolism and terms of religion and metaphysics yield much more
information if we begin to interpret them on a symbolic level. The
literal interpretations are very limited, however, any place is a good
place to start the journey home !
One of the highest applications of astrology is to find the way to
re-connect ourselves with the supreme intelligence which governs the
universe. If you find yourself at a level which sucks it may be a time
to re-program your mind to seek and create a more elevated level of
existence. If you find yourself in really great circumstances you can
maintain them or improve them by following the "golden rule" !
Ultimately it's not very complicated. It only becomes complicated when
we have fallen into the labyrinth of the mind and then forget that we
wield creative power !
P.S. The only problem with "bombing the devil" is that you have to go to
hell to do it ! "Resist not evil" !
Aloha Brother !