Re: Where's Heaven? (Was, If god exists, what created god?)

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11 Aug 1995 05:26:31 GMT (WAYNE JOHNSON) wrote:
>In the old days, when the Earth was still flat and 40 days of rain
>could cover it with water, Heaven was straight up. You could point to
>it. It's written in the Stones.
>Then here comes Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, and their ilk. Now, up is
>a matter for argument (90 degrees off the Earth's axis, the galactic
>plane of the ecliptic, etc.).
>Which way is up?
>What's God's address? Where is Heaven? Lots of people go there. How
>long is the ride? Is it on a cloud, like in the pictures? Why don't
>we send a KH-11 over to get pictures of the Pearly Gates? Or is it
>further out?
>Also, our loved ones, and God, watch us constantly. Is it in real
>time, or is there lag for lightspeed delay?
>Where is Hell? I understand that it's below us somewhere. Could we get
>some Marines in asbestos suits to clear the place out? Anybody object
>to using nukes on the Devil? Personally, I'd approve.
>Wayne Johnson

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