Re: If god exists, what created god?

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Wed, 2 Aug 1995 12:03:32 GMT

On 30 Jul 1995, greg clements wrote:

> (Peterko) writes:
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> >: I think that there is no real "GOD". Like the title says, I mean if there
> >: was a god, than who created him/her?
> >Hey! What makes you so sure that there was a creation?
> >Try to think outside of your puny little 4 dimensional,
> >time-space continuum. Beginning, end, What's the difference?
> >koman
> The question "who created him/her?" assumes that God needs to be
> created. It seems reasonable to me that the God who created the universe
> is not tied down to our concepts of space, time and creation. The Bible
> makes it clear in several passages that God had no beginning and will
> have no end.
> The study of the universe is a noble profession and/or hobby. Our
> knowledge of the universe should lead us to a deeper appreciation for the
> greatness of the God who created the universe.
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I don't think that god was ever created. If there is a super being that
he or she must have been "there" for ever. You can't say that god started
to exist in year x. A question arises: what existed before year x? And
before that, and before that...

I support the view that the present does not exist, that only past and
future does. We are constantly "discovering" the future and "forgeting"
the past. So the world had no beginning and shall have not end. The same
goes for god.