Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)
9 Aug 95 16:08:23 GMT (Eric Burch) writes:
> what of the proposal that the
> calendar be changed to 12 months of either 28 or 35 days each (each
> quarter would have a 28-day, then 35-day, then 28-day month). New
> Year's Day would be a special holiday that is not part of any month
> or day of the week. Same with Leap Day, which would be appended at
> the end of the year by whatever algorithm you choose. This would
> really simplify a lot of things. (For one thing, every 13th would be
> a Friday (assuming you start the 1st on Sunday)).

Yes, that's much the same as I suggested (12 months x 4 weeks +
4 solsticial/equinoctial weeks and 1 or 2 days over).

Or another way of looking at it: forget about months altogether, and
have the year consist of week 1 ... week 52 (with 1 or 2 days over;
have to keep saying that, otherwise people think I don't know how
many days are in the year).

Eric for Pope!

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