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> >does anyone have any clues on what the diet of our ancestors were about
> >8-10,000. What i need is a 'menu plan' what a typical diet was around the
> >demestication of agriculture. Any refferences would be appreciated. I have
> >to validate certain ideas for an upcomming research paper.
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> You might ask also in It's a bit off-charter
> (there is no r.f.pre-historic), but there are some *good* scholars
> who hang out there, and also they have a fair amount of collective
> wisdom about the historiography of food, some of which is general
> enough to help with your project.
> I've cross-posted this to r.f.h; 'hope that simplifies things for
> all concerned.
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It doesn't say where in the world you want the information on. One book
would be, "A Taste of History; 10,000 Years of Food in Britain" by Maggie
Black, etc.


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