Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Joe Ascoly (
7 Aug 1995 03:46:31 -0400 (Smuts, L) writes:
> Do anybody know if a DIVISION OF EIGHT instead of the usual twelve divisions
> as on a clockface, was ever used on any type of mechanical timekeeping
> equipment? If so, what was the argument for it?

The IBM corps once had a time clock division.
The Thomas Edison museum in West Orange NJ which has the lab used by
Edison in 1930 has a Time Clock for employes to punch in and out each day.
The time clock I used at one time had time divided in 1/10 of an hour,
this creates the 6 min interval. Lunch time was 42 min. This took 2 cols
on the punch card to record the time. Thus 72 would be 7 hour and 2/10 hr =
12 min.

About the 13 months usage - the Jewish Calendar has 13 months init.
The month of Adar is followed by Veadar ever once in a while.
The way I do the Jewis Calendar the year always has 13 months and sometimes
there is a month with no days init.