Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

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5 Aug 1995 19:17:07 GMT

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>> > life (and the effects are still seen). - no floor 13 in most buildings,
>> That's because most buildings aren't that tall!! I cannot recall
>> having seen one single building taller than 13 floors where floor
>> number 13 was skipped.
>I work on the 13th floor of an office building. Of course, it's occupied
>by an engineering firm :-) PSOB
>> Well, the year is too short to hold 13 months. We shouldn't add a
>> 13'th month just to "prove" we're not afraid of the number 13, should
>> we?
>I read some a suggestion some years ago that we adopt a calendar with 13
>months of four weeks each. 4x7x13=364. Add a new years day with the
>appropriate leap day/year correction and you have a system where the the
>nth day of the mth month is the same day of the week every year (if the
>365th day is at the end of the year).
>Benton Bonney, PE

No, its way too simple and logical
every year you celebrate a festival day
and every 4 years there is an extra day off.
this leaves an annual error of 11 min 14 seconds.
so every 16 years you need to make an adjustment of 3 hours
and every 64 years 1 hour more