Re: If god exists, what created god?

3 Aug 1995 13:53:37 GMT

:I don't think that god was ever created.If there is a super being that
:he or she must have been "there"for ever.You can't say that god started
:to exist in year x. A question arises: what existed before year x? And
:before that, and before that...

: Sebastian

Since time itself is God's creation, i.e. He is not subject to time
then speaking of Him relative to years and minutes reduces the argument
to absurdity. The concept of aging and death is also His creation: He
is not subject to either of these and therefore cannot Grow old and die.

Then by what measure would would we say "before" God? Before His
creation? However, the concept of creation is His creation.

Since we are subject to all sorts of natural Laws, we would like to
stretch our experience to cover God. Just as we can concieve of
the Law of gravity totally suspended for an alien being; we should
expand our thoughts to a Being who is above all our Natural Laws
- because He created them.

As humans there are no natural (physical laws) we have created. If
we did, say, create a dimension that we can subject lesser beings
to, and we are totally out of... would we not find it a bit absurd to
hear the lesser ones trying to cage us in that we have created?

Since time, death, aging or creation have no control over their
Creator, then "forever", "before God", "created God" and even
"after God" have no meaning.

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