Re: Strange Maths (was Re: Why not 13 months?)

Donovan Jones (
3 Aug 1995 07:24:52 GMT

Can I just sat that as a Geology student looking for some stimulating
geological discourse on the net I am dissmayed at the lack of "real"
geological discussion. most of the postings would seem to be more at
home in alt.numeracy, alt.egyptology and alt.flame.pseudoscience. None
the less some of it is mildly intresting and occasionally amusing. Also
has there ever been a disscussion on this newsgroup regarding Peter
Westbrooks (I hope my memory is serving here) Life as a Geological Force
(or was it process). I thought It was an extreemly intresting book and
wondered what thoughts on his ideas where, esspecialy concerning his
close association with James Lovelocks Gaia Hypothesis? Do you as
Geologists feel too much emphasis has been placed on Chemical and
Physical processes? and what of the notion that Gaia actively optimises
conditions for life eg carbonate platforms to block shallow seas to
effect eustatic sea level and carbon burial?? Should these be relegated
to alt.pseudoscience along with archimedes.plutonium? Well its been a
while since I read it and I cant think of any specific arguments to
outline without sounding stupid and doing a disservice to Westbrook and
Lovelock (and Allanby for that matter). I would be intrested to know if
anyone has any evidence/theory/ thoughts about geological support for
the Gaia Hypothesis - or alternatively theory discrediters?? Oh well
thanks for you time