Egypt Novel 'River GOD' by Wilbur Smith

GeorgeNet (
2 Aug 1995 20:40:17 -0400

Has anyone here read the novel 'River God' by wilbur Smith?

It is supposedly a popularized translation of actual papyrus texts found
in a tomb in January 5,1988 by Doctor Duraid ibn al Simma of the Egyptian
department of Antiquities.

Apparently the tomb dates about 1780 BC.

It is fatastic tale as written by the slave of a women who became queen of

It is a terrific story and I would like to find out how much is
'Popularized' and how much is accurate to the scrolls.

Also if anyone can get a email address for either the author or the Doctor
at the Dept of antiquites I would appreciate it via Email.
George watson