Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Carl J Lydick (carl@SOL1.GPS.CALTECH.EDU)
27 Jul 1995 20:02:04 GMT

In article <3v8k0u$>, (Nathaniel Tagg) writes:
= To do so, you need a crane, though: a fulcrum, a place to put
=your pully. This structure has to able to bear the loads of both mass
=and countermass, as well as the rope and whatever stress is needed to
=haul the thing up and manuever it. For the pieces of rock we're talking
=about, you would require some sofisticated metallurgy to construct such a

Not if you built it of wood. And before you casually dismiss wood as being too
weak, I suggest you consider some of the railroad bridges of the 19th century.
Not that I'm arguing that cranes were used in the construction of the pyramid;
I'm just pointing out that you've overlooked something in your analysis.

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