Re: if existance exists why create a creator?

Nadimpalli Mahadev (
28 Jul 1995 03:56:35 GMT

Diane_M Greene ( wrote:
: ?

Some argue that the universe around us is so beautiful, and complex that it
could not begin to exist by itself, and GOD must have created it. But if
that is the case, then its creator GOD must be even more complex and
beautiful, so He/She/It too must have been created by yet more complex
and beautiful Super creator. There is no end to this chain of creators.
There is no escape from the truth. The totality of the Universe with
all its beauty and complexity exists with no begining or end,
continuously changing according to the eternal laws. Those who still
want a GOD should accept this totality as the GOD, and we are all part of GOD.
Oh, I am still thinking about the existance of existance.

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