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|>In article <3ueaqg$l26@cmcl2.NYU.EDU>, says...
|>>HarryR6047 ( wrote:
|>>: The response was to a question regarding "pyramid inches". The reply was
|>>: that the circumfrence of the great pyramid was equal in "pyramid inches"
|>>: to the circumfrence of the earth in "miles". This information was gained
|>>: from Peter Tompkin's study of the Pyramids. Other interesting facts
|>>: include that the pyramid was established paralell to the equator. That
|>>: the lines of longitude and latitude could be calculated from it. ETC.
|>>: ETC.
|>>The folks who built the pyramids used to keep their lunches
|>>*inside* the pyramid, which is why they didn't spoil...
|>>And did you know that the sun, when it rises, shines on the
|>>EAST side of the pyramid. And when it sets it shines on the
|>>WEST side?
|>>The top of the pyramid points up.
|>>I could give you lots more neat things about the pyramids, but
|>>you get the idea...
|>> ----- Paul J. Gans [
|>getting the sun to shine on the east side of the pyramid is not too hard,
|>since you have about 180 degrees to work with, but getting the top to point
|>up, ie to be plumb, square and level throughout, is not as easy as it sounds.
|>You have all the answers Paul, tell me how you would instruct the workmen
|>to achieve a straight slope of 51d 51'. How do you course the stones? How many
|>fewer will you use in each course? Will you allow their dimensions to change?
|>Do you work from the outside in ? Then how do you get the Grand Gallery and
|>other chambers to align in the center?

In reply to steves comment. You seem to think that ancient civilizations
would have problems performing major Engineering tasks. I think the
builders and architects of the Pyramids where a lot smarter than we think.
The Aztec, Incan and Mayan ruins, Ruins in South East Asia all testify
to how non-industrialised civilizations have performed marvellous
engineering feats. The Ancient Eyptians had had alot of experience building
pyramids before Cheops, they had a lot of experience and their other ruins
testify that they where expert builders to boot.

As to the Pyramids dimensions being used to calculate a series of numbers,
well, look hard enough for something and you will find it. I am personally
more impressed by the latest theory that the 3 great pyramids and a few other
around the Nile appear to be built in scale to depict the constellation of Orion.
Getting scales to work across a few hundred miles of desert is not easy.

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