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> >Tim Miller) writes: On 21 Jul 1995 00:20:15 GMT,
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> >W> Wouldn't it be easier for a society which had invented writing to
> >W> just send a note instead of a man?
> >
> > No. You neglect the fact that there was a transaction of real
> >goods taking place here; the Pharoh's agent would be expected to *PAY*
> >for the order. Thus, it is easier to send an agent with orders to get
> >material meeting certain specifications he carries with him, than to
> >rely on the dubious measurment standards of a foreign people who are
> >likely to try to cheat you anyway...
> >
> > Look at it from an Egyptian's point a view, and sending an envoy
> More to the point, if they're going to send a note someone has to carrry
> it there.

Even more, "a society which had invented writing" is definitely not the
same as a society where you can send notes to everyone.

I'm no expert on this, but I believe that most Egyptians *couldn't* read
or write. It's reasonable to expect even worse for non-Egyptians.

So, just who would send a note to whom?


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