Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Wed, 02 Aug 1995 03:29:24 GMT (Madeleine Page) wrote:

>But our discussion has not been about the existence of the building. It's
>been about the meaning that is ascribed to the building's design and
>construction. What people have taken rational exception to is not the
>fact of the pyramids, it's the dime-store numerological pap that gets used
>to manufacture mystical meanings for them.

The person who started this thread is constantly being accused of
being involved with "dime-store numerological pap" mainly by people
who haven't bothered reading his messages. (And yes, I'm aware that
YOUR message was actually directed at someone other than Steve

I can't figure out why? What I see when I read his messages is an
engineer who is interested in the methods used by Egyptian engineers
to control the size and shape of blocks of rock to be used to build an
extremely large and complicated building. As far as I can follow what
he is saying, I think he believes that the measurement system used by
the Egyptians helped them build the pyramids.

I can't understand what numerology has to do with engineers using
measurement systems. Or why one would consider measurement systems

Stella Nemeth