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Fri, 28 Jul 1995 17:11:04 -0700

On Thu, 27 Jul 1995, David Bert wrote:

> Sean E Duffy <> wrote:
> : Hey, the US may be a capitalistic duopoly mostly controlled by business
> : interests with a portion of the populace addicted to government and
> : another portion committed with fucking with other peoples lives but it
> : sure as hell is no dictatorship.
> What, you mean the country actually chose Ronald Reagan. I find that
> rather hard to believe.
Hey, I sure as hell had nothing to do with Reagan's election. I liked
Anderson in 80 and no one in 84. But being realistic, I still stand
by my description above. If it truly was a dictatorship (a true dictator
ship), things would have much worse off then they were. Ask me if I think
we are moving in the direction of a dictatorship, I will give a different
> : If it was, I would not be able to bitch as much as I do.
> So you sound off. But does anyone listen? Does anyone act?
I am a pessimistic person but not as pessimistic as this last statement.
People do make a difference (yes, I'm showing my liberal background).
Everyday I see people pushing for political change: people attempting
to raise the minimum wage, trying to legalize hemp, anti-abortion etc.
While I have spent only a month outside the States, I would guess that
people who have spent a lot of time outside the U.S. would disagree and
say "Quit whining, Beavis". And you at least obviously listened.
> We all walk those lines to some extent as nearly every political argument is encamped
> around them. In the end semi democracy works for the majority of
> people as long as they don't expect too much.
These last points you make are pretty damn valid however. A good example is
the criminalization of Marijuana. While the majority of people are
against it, a very large minority are for it. With the outright lies recently
given by the Clinton Administration, it can be shown how this government
can twist the truth for political gains (Yes, I am sure you conservatives
can come up with another 20 examples)
I find it ironic how the Democrats appear to be apologists for fucked-up
government actions.
I also find it ironic that the conservatives that want a small government
with personal freedoms except for those people that may decide to use a
different substance of choice. Then it is OK for limited personal
freedoms. This is probably the only thing that keeps me from being more
Pro-Republican (other then the fact that a lot of bullshit comes from
some Republicans. However, they at least believe their BS unlike some
Democrats who don't have the balls to speak out on the failed WOD)
I have acheived full rant........
Sean Duffy, movement of one