Re: spamming

Patrick J Crowe (
28 Jul 1995 13:09 EDT

In article <>, (Elliot Richmond) writes...
>> Hey, Web, got a quick question for ya. What, exactlyy, does it mean
>> to "spam"? I've seen the phrase several times, and have a decent
>> indication from context, but I'm just curious. Thanks.
>> Bill
>While you are waiting for WebWalker to answer, I will affirm what you have
>surmised. Spamming is attaching a message to whatever is already there
>and reposting the whole blessed thing. It took me a while to figure this

Actually, the way I've heard it is that 'to spam' means to post something
to more newsgroups than is reasonable. What's 'reasonable'? One, mostly;
two, occassionally; three, rarely. There tend to be three types of spammers
on the net: 1) advertisers/scam artists, 2) borderlines, and 3) propagandists.
'Borderlines' is the best term I can think of at the moment for people who
have views which are generally rejected in the field they've chosen to talk
about. Propagandists tend to also leave the caps lock on.

Now there's a dissertation Hormel might finance (until they caught on): an
ethnographic study of spam.

-Pat Crowe, SUNY at Buffalo